How To Make Every Day A New Year & Achieve Your Wellness Goals

Broke your New Year’s Resolutions? Pop champagne, make it rain—and start all over again! Every new day is a new year and I have some tips to help you press restart.

I also have an obsession with resolutions.

People often use the beginning of a new year to try to manifest their deepest desires whether that’s money, a mate or making those dream jeans finally fit. I personally don’t believe you should wait for a new year to make changes. Every day you wake up is a new you. I do, however, understand the motivation that comes with ritual.

See: my love of celebrating and confetti. No better way to start off the year. That is a ritual I will always stick with.

So what, you didn’t stick to your resolutions? Pretend tomorrow is a new year. 

Celebrate tonight and when you wake up tomorrow, it’s time to stop making excuses and put your plans to action.

In order to get started, you need to ask yourself two really important questions: how can you put your resolutions into action and how can you motivate yourself to have the same drive you had when you set the resolutions?

From my observances as a registered dietitian, I’d say the first thing you need to get rid of is that classic all-or-nothing approach. So many people think that either you eat healthy or eat totally unhealthy.

Nope! Life is not black-and-white and your diet shouldn’t be either. It should be green and red and purple and all sorts of nutrient-rich, life-giving colors. But most of all, it should be balanced and you should have a balanced mindset to go along with it so that you can make your resolutions really stick this time.

It’s not how healthy you eat one day or the next—it’s the balance of the week, month and even year. One piece of cake or a slice of pizza doesn’t mean you’re unhealthy. Eating healthy is a lifestyle change; eating healthy is a state of mind. It’s a lifestyle change that you need to make and commit to. Because you can read diet plans, books, see nutritionists or whatever, but if you don’t make that decision to commit and stick to the plan, your results are going to be short-lived.

Mentally Commit

You can do it. Whatever it is you want to do! So many people do it, of so many different sizes.

Even I did it. I haven’t always been a nutritionist and dietitian; I haven’t always been fit or healthy. Part of the reason I became who I am today is because I was overweight. Four years ago, I was 40 pounds heavier.

I ate whatever I wanted and let me tell you—I was unhappy. I really had to have a tough love talk with myself. Did I want to eat junk food (yes, it tasted good) or did I want to be healthy (yes, it felt good)? In the end, I chose losing weight and feeling good about myself because that was the longer-lasting high.

My results didn’t come overnight and I reached points where I was very frustrated. But I focused on my goals, learned how to cook delicious food that was healthy and finally lost all the weight I wanted within a year. Slow and steady. 

Getting healthy is not a race and the longer it takes you to lose it, to really make it a lifestyle change, the more it will become just an easy, effortless part of your every day.

Makeover Your Nutrition

What you eat is the definitely the key to overall health. Start by removing soda and any processed or fried foods. It sounds simple, but so many people are resistant to the next part of this equation—incorporate fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet.

Balance that out with lean proteins, whole grains, nuts and seeds. Start by eating whole, natural foods and you just might lose weight naturally. The more natural your diet, the better results you’ll see.

When you eat well, you feel well and that’s what gives you energy and it also puts you in a good mood. When you’re in a good mood, you feel motivated. See how that works?

Exercise When You Can

The truth is most weight loss comes from diet changes. Many people come to me complaining that they are constantly exercising and not seeing any results. Your body needs proper nutrition in order to really support your active lifestyle, otherwise all that exercising will fall flat when it comes to weight loss.

However, exercise has endless benefits that help you no matter what you’re eating. It helps increase your metabolism, release endorphins, lower insulin resistance, improve sleep and help with stress and mental health. Eat healthy and exercise and you’ll definitely see results, even if those results take time.

Sleep Is The Key To Longevity

Recent studies in humans have shown that the levels of hormones that regulate appetite are profoundly influenced by sleep duration. For example, levels of leptin—a hormone released by fat cells—send a signal to your brain saying that you’re full.

Sleep studies show that those that are sleep-deprived eat about 250 more calories per day than those who are rested. For many of us, I’m almost positive those calories come from sugary, caffeinated drinks which a) tweak out the adrenal glands and b) keep you up at night. It’s an endless cycle!

Keep Calm and Manage Your Stress

Whether you like punching something in a boxing class, watercolor painting or meditating, find out ways to manage your stress levels. Stress is a silent killer and so many people use their stressful lifestyle as an excuse not to eat well, exercise or take care of themselves.

Neglecting being healthy when you’re stressed makes you feel worse—not better. And I’m not about that. I’m in the business of helping you feel better. Maintaining good habits can decrease your stress levels, but don’t let your diet and exercise plan stress you out! Make your health and weight loss journey fun and stress-free so that it’s something you look forward to.

Whatever your goals are, keep these five tips in mind and always remember—every day is a new chance at changing your life. Just keep your goal in mind and some confetti and that party dress ready for when you reach it!

What were your resolutions this year—and are you on track? If not, how will you get back on it? Tell me in the comments or on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and tag @thefaraheffect.

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